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佳雋產品設計公司是一家既專業又且具規模的產品設計和模型製作公司. 公司始建於1980年, 專業於產品設計, 產品模型, 快速成形, 樣辦製造等. 備有優秀技術人員, 配合操作電腦輔助設計/電腦輔助製造精確3D成形及電腦火花電蝕的機械設備. 並設有新一代雷射激光快速成機器和最新立體模型印製泥模, 有效應用於不同複雜表面形態的特別難度及高要求產品. 佳雋產品設計公司成立以來, 不斷投入先進設備,並更加強高層次專業技師和技術管理人員, 以及完善管理經驗,走在高效科學化工作流程,誠懇服務態度而獲取不少客戶支持和信任.

Promotive Product Design Company is a professional product & model design production company. The company was founded in 1980, specialized in product design, product model, rapid prototying, model making. All 3D CAD/CAM precision 3D CNC machineries and equipments are operating system-based, with the latest generation of laser SLA rapid prototying technology to complete a variety of complex surface modelling and CAM machinery, which provide full play to the modern technology of the 21st Century. Since its establishment, Promotive Product Design Company has been relying on advance equipments and senior professional and technical personnel, as well as sound management experience, scientific workflow quality, honest service and good reputation to win the trust of the Chinese and foreign customers.

Services (服務範圍)

Industrial Product Model

  • Dummy Mock-up
  • Sample Simulation
  • Modeling

  • Product Design

  • Styling Design
  • Photo realistic Rendering
  • 3D Modeling
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Project Management

  • Product Design
  • Construction Layout
  • Engineering Build
  • Pilot Build
  • Our Work

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    Person : Alan Ngo
    Mobile : (852) 5115 4134
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    3/F., Block 3, No.2, Nanshan Idustrial District Yantian, Fenggang Zhen, Dongguan, China
    Tel : (86)769-8128925
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    Representative Office :

    Flat A7, 1/F Goodwill Industrial Building, No.36-44 Pak Tin Par Street, Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong
    香港 新界 荃灣 白田霸街36-44號 信義工業大廈 1樓 A7室

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    Mon-Fri 9:00~6:00pm Sat 9:00~1:00pm

    Tel : (852) 5511 5713; Fax : (852) 3750 5468

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